Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet

The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet
The Proven Program for Lasting Weight Loss Through Fat-Burnng Foods

Written by Cathi Graham

Category: Health & Fitness - Diets; Health & Fitness - Reducing
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: May 9, 2006
ISBN: 978-1-57826-221-2 (1-57826-221-6)

Cathi Graham lost over 186 pounds and kept if off for more than 20 years with a simple diet secret. Now she's ready to share that secret with you.

In 1982, Cathi Graham tipped the scales at 326 pounds and her doctor scribbled three words on her medical chart that would forever change her life: "patient morbidly obese." Horrified, she began intensive research and discovered the power of thermogenic foods–foods that stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat.

Complete with inspirational stories from thousands of people who have lost weight on the diet, The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet provides an eating plan to fit your specific needs and body type, including a special program to help end emotional eating. Thermogenic foods, such as salsa and green tea, help you lose weight no matter what your body type.

A proven method for learning to love your body and yourself, The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet is an easy and effective way for anyone who wants to take off anywhere from 8 to 186 pounds– and keep it off.


Cathi Graham, creator of the Fresh Start Metabolism Program, has sold over 300,000 Fresh Start Metabolism Programs worldwide. Her astonishing success story and research results have been featured in numerous magazines such as First For Women, and she has appeared on the Maury Povich Show. Host of the “Raising Your Metabolism” and many other videos, she lives in Vancouver, Canada.