Influencer Code

The Influencer Code
How to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing
Written by Amanda Russell
Foreword by Jesse Itzler

Category: Business & Economics - Consumer Behavior; Business & Economics - E-Commerce - Digital Marketing; Business & Economics - Marketing - Research
Format: Trade Paperback, 400 pages
On Sale Date: October 13, 2020
ISBN: 9781578268245


The Influencer Code is the essential reference for any company looking to leverage the power of influencers to elevate their brand and grow their business.

From Fortune 500s to local fitness studios, whether you offer financial services or sell donuts, reaching today's consumers is more complicated than ever. More and more, marketers are reaching out to people who style themselves "influencers": those people who have a big—and, more importantly—loyal audience ready to hear what they have to say about anything.

Yet despite "influencer marketing" fast becoming one of the biggest buzz terms of the decade,  it couldn't be more misunderstood.

Written by an accomplished entrepreneur, professor, and award-winning YouTube star, The Influencer Code breaks down the biggest myths that brands are getting wrong and shows you how to get it right by defining and showcasing what true influencer marketing is and how to leverage it to achieve your business goals in a simple yet powerful 3-step code.

The Influencer Code simplifies the complex world of influencer marketing, covering how to research, evaluate, and employ the right influencers for their markets, as well as how to legally and strategically integrate them into marketing campaigns to achieve specific goals.

The future of marketing depends on forming authentic partnerships between brands and influencers. The go-to resource for all things influencer marketing, The Influencer Code is your shortcut to making that future a reality.

About the Author

Amanda Russell is an international marketing strategist, speaker, educator and fitness icon who has been at the forefront of digital marketing and the social media revolution from its infancy, selling her first company by the age of 32. Influencer Marketing as an accredited program was created by Amanda at UCLA and has become a movement, establishing itself as a concentration in schools across the world, including Harvard and the University of Texas, where she now teaches, while continuing to advise some of the world's top companies.

Praise for The Influencer Code

“Thorough, thoughtful, and compelling. An industry game-changer and a terrific look at what makes one brand or person influential.” —Katia Bassi, CMO, Automobil Lamborghini

The Influencer Code enables you to leverage marketing as an asset instead of an expense. It arms you with a new way of thinking about a still evolving digital age.” —Andy Roddick, World Champion tennis player and Andy Roddick Foundation Chair

The Influencer Code puts a new meaning to influencer marketing and defines it more accurately and innovatively than it has been before.” —Brandon Scott Roye, Marketing Strategist, Google

“Amanda is simply a force to reckon with in the influencer marketing industry and without question one of the most valuable marketing experts you will find.” —Shane Barker, Forbes Council

“...a game-changing way of viewing the entire category of marketing for the future. I consider Amanda a true pioneer in the field of influencer marketing.” —Joey Gonzalez, CEO, Barry’s Bootcamp
The Influencer Code isn’t just an excellent book, it’s a plan for $7+ figure success both at the personal and organizational level. A must-read!” —Erik Qualman, Digital Strategy Expert and best-selling author of Socialnomics
“Amanda is one of those rare professionals who has mastered many trades and has provided a positive impact on my course, helping students to ‘see the light,’ and bridge from books to the real world.” —Greg O’ Brian, CEO and co-founder, Noodle.Com and Professor, Harvard University
“ impactful book that will teach you all you need to create and implement an effective influencer marketing strategy.” —Neal Schaffer, author of The Age of Influence

“Finally, the essential guide to influencer marketing has been written. Ignore this book at your own risk.” —Jesse Itzler, author of The New York Times Best-Seller Living With a SEAL