Ocean Friends

Ocean Friends
A Journey Beneath the Sea

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction - Science & Nature - Earth Sciences - Water (Oceans, Lakes, Etc.); Juvenile Nonfiction - Animals - Marine Life
Format: Trade Paperback, 32 pages
On Sale Date: January 26, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-57826-468-1

Being caretakers of the Earth is more important today than ever before, and Ocean Friends brings that message to life for children, with simple, concise language and enjoyable prose.

Ocean Friends envelops children in the breathtaking underwater kingdoms of the world's oceans, providing them with a deeper understanding of the plants and animals that live there, as well as touring the often startlingly beautiful landscapes of the marine world.

Ocean Friends serves as an early resource to parents seeking to instill in their children a love for the environment.

Young or old, readers will be able to explore a world far away from their own, beautiful and inspiring, but which still needs their protection. Ocean Friends is the first step on the path of teaching children that the entire world is their responsibility, and that it is absolutely worth protecting. Great for teachers too!


The Kubu™ series educates children about the rich and varied environments the world has to offer, instilling in them a love for the beauty of nature and the land.