Raw Food Quick & Easy

Raw Food Quick & Easy
Over 100 Healthy Recipes Including Smoothies, Seasonal Salads, Dressings, Pates, Soups, Hearty Creations, Snacks, and Desserts
Written by Mary Rydman

Category: Cooking - Vegetarian
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: August 25, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-57826-306-6 (1-57826-306-9)

Quick Meals Shouldn't Compromise on Taste or Your Health

The phrase "fast food" has come to mean tasteless fried meals from a drive-thru, but the truth is that food can be made quickly and still be both nourishing and delicious.

Raw Food Quick & Easy shortens the task of raw-food dining with straightforward, filling, and tasty recipes. Pairing creativity with simple ingredients, author and chef Mary Rydman cuts down on preparation time without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction. Rydman explains, "I do not like to spend hours and hours in the kitchen," thus Raw Food Quick & Easy.

Raw Food Quick & Easy includes over 100 new raw food recipes that are accessible to novices and still interesting to experts, such as smoothies and other breakfast foods, seasonal salads, dressings, pates, soups, hearty creations, snacks, and desserts. Also included are easy ways to boost your nutrition intake; soaking, sprouting, and storing tips; helpful dehydrating ideas; raw kitchen tools suggestions; and a discussion of the common misconceptions of raw food.

These straighforward, delicious, and wholesome recipes are perfect for anyone who wants to eat better and fresher. Reinvent fast food, and make your own "happy meal" with Raw Food Quick & Easy.


Mary Rydman works as a nutrition and health consultant. A raw food enthusiast for over 20 years, Mary uses her personal experience from helping others find healthier ways of eating to compile her delicious raw food recipes. She lives in Southern Oregon.

To learn more about Mary and her work see www.originalradiance.com.