Mother to the Motherless

Mother to the Motherless
The inspiring true story of one woman's devotion to the orphaned children of Kenya
Written by Mama Zipporah

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Following the life and doings of Mama Zipporah, a modern day saint, Mother to the Motherless is the memoir of an incredible woman's inspiring true story of rising from the depths of abuse and poverty to found one of the most successful children's shelters in Kenya.

The beginnings of Mama Zipporah's life were filled with violence and hardship, as the challenges of an abusive father and an uncaring society left Mama and her mother virtually without options. Without the support of the local church in those early days, Mama's life could have continued down this dark path; as it was, she and her mother had barely enough to get by. Mama grew to despise poverty and everything that it represented: the selfishness and greed of the wealthy, and the shocking effects it had on the poor.

Devoting her life to eradicating poverty while refusing to accept it as simply a fact of life, Mama would come to establish the Huruma Children's Home in Kenya, a children's shelter that continues to perform the same function as the church did in Mama's youth: protecting the helpless children and teaching them to make the world a better place.


Mama Zipporah was born and raised in Kenya, where she came to establish the Huruma Children's Home with the help of her husband Pastor Isaac Kamau to protect those children who, like herself as a child, have nowhere else to turn. Huruma Children's Home is a children's orphanage located at the undulating slopes of the beautiful Ngong hills which is about 25km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in East Africa.