Combat Fat for Kids

Combat Fat for Kids
The Complete Plan for Family Fitness, Nutrition, and Health
Written by James Villepigue and Jo Brielyn, Foreword by Stuart Fischer, M.D.

Category: Health & Fitness - Children's Health; Health & Fitness - Diets; Health & Fitness - Exercise
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: December 18, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-57826-396-7 (1-57826-396-4)

Childhood obesity is a growing and worrying epidemic in our country. Kids these days are not getting the appropriate foods and healthy activity they need. They are bombarded constantly by marketers selling them on highly processed snacks, drinks, and junk food and they've become the victims of isolating technology which only enables them to stay at home instead of going outside to play. Combat Fat for Kids offers an alternative plan of action for parents to help their children become more aware of good decisions and initiate solid solutions to improve the health of the entire family and beat this deadly disease.

Written by acclaimed fitness expert James Villepigue and noted health writer Jo Brielyn, Combat Fat for Kids offers a comprehensive plan that will finally help kids to form better health habits, a more active life and a very bright future. The nutritional and exercise programs featured in the book are effective because they are geared toward the mindset and interests of the family as a whole.

The book encourages wholesome nutrition, including whole, unprocessed food choices and embraces local and sustainable food that their young body's were designed to consume. Daily activities are included, that will add a spark to their body's natural fat fighting defense, as well as "kid play", sports, and family-based events. Additional sections on behavioral change provides the proper psychological framework for ingraining healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

Combat Fat for Kids includes expert advice and tips from top nutritionists, dieticians, fitness professionals, and psychologists to provide a highly reliable resource that's built on an easy-to-understand foundation that can be adapted to meet the needs of every family. Combat Fat for Kids is also a great and important tool for every parent interested in making the process a more collaborative one for the whole family.


James Villepigue, a father of 2, has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a nationally certified personal trainer with National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), with their prestigious Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) credential, The American Council on Exercise and The International Sports Science Association. He has received degrees from Hofstra University, the New York College of Health Professions, and the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching. He now lives in East North Port, New York.
Jo Brielyn is an author and contributing writer for Hatherleigh Press and has currently completed 13 nonfiction books about health and wellness. Jo is an author and poet whose works have appeared in three Twin Trinity Media anthologies: Elements of the Soul, Elements of Time, and Elements of Life. Jo is the founder, writer, and editor of Creative Kids Ideas, a resource website that supplies parents, teachers, and family members with the tips and fun ideas to help build stronger, happier, and more creative kids. She is also a devoted mom and wife, former youth leader, and veteran of the United States Air Force. Jo resides in Central Florida with her husband and their two daughters.