7 Days to Live Forever

7 Days to Live Forever
The Fountain of Health Plan for Reversing the Clock
Written by William Smith
Foreword by John A. Rumberger, M.D.

Category: Health & Fitness - Longevity; Self-Help - Aging; Health & Fitness - Healthy Living
Format: Trade Paperback, 144 pages
On Sale Date: January 26, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-57826-530-5

Live a longer, healthier life with the 7 keys to longevity

The first step to longevity is making simple lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, and stress management. 7 Days to Live Forever distills leading science and research on healthy living and applies it to a practical step-by-step program that makes it easy to master the art of living well.

In addition to helping build good habits, 7 Days to Live Forever teaches you to identify and control the risk factors in your life and your environment, including sleep quality and heart health.

Learn to reverse the clock and live a long, vital life with these 7 key principles:
1. Take control of your risk factors
2. Be proactive with healthy habits such as getting regular check-ups
3. Eat better by controlling portion size, following a balanced diet, and incorporating nutrient-rich super-foods
4. Get moving with 7 exercises to build strength and boost energy
5. Learn the importance of rest and recovery to maintain longevity
6. Keep a positive attitude to reduce stress and improve memory and brain function
7. Discover a sense of daily purpose for a strong foundation to a healthy life—physically, mentally, and spiritually


William Smith, MS, CSCS, MEPD, has been working in healthcare and wellness, including medically-based exercise therapy for elderly, pre- and post-rehabilitative, and special needs clients for many years. Will is a recognized national expert in health and wellness and has lecture at recognized centers of wellness including Canyon Ranch. Will currently teaches at UMDNJ Physical Therapy at Rutgers University and works for a top-rated healthcare system in New Jersey.