Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook

Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook
Over 100 Workouts
Written by Michael Volkmar

Category: Health & Fitness - Exercise; Sports & Recreation - Training
Format: Trade Paperback, 224 pages
On Sale Date: November 26, 2019
ISBN: 9781578267866


Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook is the ultimate guide for anyone seeking to revolutionize their training through the use of gymnastic rings. Designed to give you the skills necessary to implement gymnastic rings into your existing workout routine, Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook includes detailed instructions and workout progressions for everyone from beginners to experts.

With over 100 programs that work key target areas like the shoulders, hips and core, Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook contains everything you need to know about exercising with gym rings to increase strength, improve mobility and build muscle. With tips on everything from the best equipment to buy to how to include kettlebells and dumbbells into your gym ring routines, Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook provides all the training needed to get started with gym rings today.

Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook also features:
• Routines to build core stability and improve foundational strength
• Tips for burning fat and toning muscle with gymnastic rings
• Unique programs for powerlifters and endurance athletes
• Tips for how best to incorporate gym rings into your existing workout program

Whether you’re training for a specific fitness goal or looking to add variety and challenge to your weekly workout regimen, Gymnastic Rings Workout Handbook is your guidebook to discovering everything that gym rings have to offer!


Michael Volkmar, MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, received his master's degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Exercise, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior from George Washington University (GWU). He worked for three years as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at GWU before moving on to spend one year at the International Performance Institute of IMG Academies, FL. Mike continued his professional development by becoming the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the APEX Academies. Currently, Mike is the strength and conditioning coach at the Peddie School. He has advanced specialty certifications in strength and conditioning, post-rehab exercise, athletic development, and sports medicine.