Exercises for Sciatica

Exercises for Sciatica
A Simple and Effective Self-Care Program for Pain Relief and the Treatment of Sciatica
Written by William Smith and Wazim Buksh, MD

Category: Health & Fitness - Exercise; Health & Fitness - Healing; Health & Fitness - Pain Management
Format: Trade Paperback, 160 pages
On Sale Date: February 25, 2020
ISBN: 9781578267880

The complete program for stronger muscles, relief from pain and renewed energy.

Defined as back or leg pain caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve, sciatica is a debilitating and painful condition that is only growing more prevalent with time. As lifestyles become more and more sedentary, cases of sciatica become more common—which is why a complete lifestyle overhaul, one which includes targeted exercise routines aimed at easing sciatica symptoms—is required to help individuals with this condition live their lives pain-free.

Exercises for Sciatica works as an integrated part of any sciatic or piriformis syndrome treatment plan, optimizing mobility, increasing strength and minimizing pain, while providing lifestyle tips to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Exercises for Sciatica also includes:
- A detailed overview of how exercise can relieve common sciatica symptoms
- Clear, informative pictures of safe, effective exercises
- Detailed instructions on how to perform each movement
- Information on sciatica life-hacks for relaxation and motivation
- A complete fitness approach to restoring health and functionality

Featuring expert-approved fitness techniques, with options ranging from resistance training to mobility movements to light strength exercises, Exercises for Sciatica is the all-in-one resource for anyone looking to take back control and live their best life!

About the Author

William Smith, MS, NSCA, CSCS, MEPD, completed his B.S. in exercise science at Western Michigan University followed by a master's degree in education and a post-graduate program at Rutgers University. In 1993, Will began coaching triathletes and working with athletes and post-rehab clientele. He was a Division I Collegiate Strength Coach and has been competing in triathlons and marathons since 1998, recently finishing the Steelhead Half Ironman in Michigan in 5 hours and 22 minutes. Will founded Will Power and Fitness Associates and currently consults for fitness, healthcare, and wellness centers in New York and New Jersey.

Wazim Buksh, MD, MPH, CAQSM, is board certified in both sports medicine and internal medicine. He currently practices both specialties as the lead physician for Primary Care at Novartis, an Atlantic Health System's practice, in New Jersey. He has worked with the New York Jets and the athletic departments of Seton Hall and Drew Universities, respectively. In addition, he has provided sports coverage for a multitude of high schools in the New Jersey area. Dr. Buksh practices with a focus towards prevention - keeping you healthy to enjoy life's journey.