Rewired Life Workbook

The Rewired Life Workbook
A Manual for Wellness
Written by Erica Spiegelman

Category: Self-Help - Personal Growth - Happiness; Self-Help - Substance Abuse & Addictions; Body, Mind & Spirit - Inspiration & Personal Growth
Format: Trade Paperback, 72 pages
On Sale Date: December 17, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-57826-866-5

Our brains have a near-infinite capacity for change. It’s what allows us to grow and develop as individuals, exploring the world around us and finding new means of self-expression.

It’s also what gives us the ability to overcome unhealthy lifestyle choices and harmful habits, finding renewed health and happiness through “rewiring” our brain’s behavioral pathways through personal reflection and daily self-care.

The Rewired Life Workbook helps you discover new healing strategies and coping methods ideally suited for anyone trying to achieve true and lasting personal change. Featuring discussion questions, group and individual activities, and intuitive self-inventories to help better understand and reprogram harmful behaviors and negative mindsets, this workbook provides a framework of healing for those in who dream of better health and happiness.

An essential companion piece to The Rewired Life and a guide for anyone seeking to work through the challenges in their life, rewire their mind and live as their true and authentic self, The Rewired Life Workbook is your first step to living a happier and more fulfilling life.


ERICA SPIEGELMAN is an author, recovery and wellness specialist, and motivational speaker who works with individuals, couples, and families on personal growth and overall wellness. Erica provides a holistic approach to helping people overcome their struggles with addictions and dependency and gives them the tools they need to create healthy lives for themselves. Erica hosts the podcast Rewired Radio on Radio MD. Erica is the author of Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction & Recovery, the Rewired Workbook, and the Rewired Coloring Book. For more information, visit