Unraveling Motherhood

Unraveling Motherhood
Understanding Your Experience through Self-Reflection, Self-Care & Authenticity
Written by Geraldine Walsh
Foreword by Dr. Malie Coyne

Category: Family & Relationships - Parenting - Motherhood; Self-Help - Personal Growth - Happiness; Family & Relationships - Marriage & Long-Term Relationships
Format: Trade Paperback Original, 272 pages
On Sale Date: 03/07/2023
ISBN: 9781578269648


When trying to unravel an idea as big as motherhood, where do you begin?

UNRAVELING MOTHERHOOD seeks to answer that question . . . yet we each have our own understanding of what motherhood entails. As these preconceived ideas falter and fail during the many intense, exhausting and overwhelming periods of motherhood, we begin to doubt our ability to be a mother. We begin to doubt ourselves.

We begin to unravel. Yet through this process, we can find our own truth, identity, and purpose by challenging the assumptions we have about motherhood and ourselves.

UNRAVELING MOTHERHOOD offers real insights on maternal mental health, identity, vulnerability, and more for anyone who is lost in the blur of the voices in their minds. Drawn from real-life experiences, UNRAVELING MOTHERHOOD provides much-needed support for anyone navigating this beautiful, wonderful, terrifying stage of their life. And, by teaching skills to combat self-criticism, accept our own flaws and cultivate a positive mindset, it offers a motivational toolkit for mothers both old and new.

Motherhood is a tightly woven knot of physical, mental, emotional and social changes. But it doesn’t need to be. When the pattern is not working out the way we hoped, we must first untangle to start again — before stitching it back up, stronger than ever.

About the Author

Geraldine Walsh is a freelance journalist and writer. She is a frequent contributor to the Irish Times, along with various newspapers, magazines, and websites on women’s health, mental well-being, health, and parenting. Geraldine is passionate about opening the conversations we are often afraid to share and will always talk about her journey with postnatal depression and anxiety. She lives in Dublin with her husband and their two young daughters.