Sylvia's Farm

Sylvia's Farm
The Journal of an Improbable Shepherd
Written by Sylvia Jorrin

Biography & Autobiography - Personal Memoirs; Nature; Nature - Animals
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November 26, 2013
978-1-57826-469-8 (1-57826-469-3)

This collection of stories chronicling Sylvia Jorrín's life on the farm provides comfort and inspiration to all those searching for meaning in life's many blessings.

The world of Sylvia's Farm is a rich landscape of natural beauty and simple pleasures. Sylvia Jorrín never expected to become the first woman in the New York City Watershed to solely own and operate a large livestock farm. But first the farm, and then farm life, captured her heart as it has captured the hearts of all those who have read her book. Through unexpected surprises and unanticipated hardships, Sylvia Jorrín has grown into the epitome of the one thing she never expected to be: a farmer.

With a devoted following of readers inspired by her underlying appreciation of the world around her, Sylvia's Farm is the sort of ageless story that any reader can pick up and enjoy. Sylvia's Farm is, to quote Kirkus Reviews, "The delight-filled education of an out-of-the-clue shepherdess...." consisting of "....fine-grained, honest rural sketches, on a par with Noel Perrin and Don Mitchell."

Sylvia's Farm is a contemporary account of rural farm life and all of the sometimes beautiful, always meaningful lessons that it continues to teach. Told in short vignettes that span over more than a decade, it is a journal of growth, persistence, and the unexpected joys that a new day can bring.


Sylvia Jorrín has been a farmer raising sheep in Delaware County, New York more than 25 years. Her farm is one of the few large regional sheep farms solely owned and operated by a woman. She has published over 1,000 articles about her farm, agricultural subjects, her recipes, and book reviews in such agricultural publications as Country Folks, Small Farm Journal, and The Delaware County Times.

Sylvia's house was photographed for Farmhouse Revival by Susan Daley and Steve Gross. Sylvia was also featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine in an article about shearing on her farm and Sylvia's homemade recipes. Sylvia's Farm was chosen for the Book of the Month Club in 2005 and was also excerpted in Willie Nelson's book, Farm Aid: Song for America. You can visit Sylvia's farm on her website,