Doing Good With Other People's Money

Doing Good With Other People's Money
The Essential Guide to Winning Grants and Contracts for Nonprofits, NGOs,Educational Institutions, Municipalities, & Faith-Based Organizations
Written by Richard Steiner, Ph.D.

Category: Business & Economics - Nonprofit Organizations & Charities - Fundraising & Grants; Social Science - Philanthropy & Charity
Format: Trade Paperback, 192 pages
On Sale Date: February 27, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-57826-738-5

The ultimate nonprofit handbook for winning contracts and grant awards.

There’s only so much money to go around, and everybody wants it. So, how do you make sure your proposal stands out in the crowd?

Doing Good with Other People’s Money includes everything a fundraiser and grant writer needs to know, including:

• Insight into why some proposals succeed and others fail
• The important distinction between grants and contracts
• Templates and questionnaires designed to help you achieve success
• How to establish and maintain key sponsor relationships
• The most current knowledge and complete grant-winning toolkit
• The skills to administer and comply with funded awards

Drawing on over forty years of experience working in government, corporations and academic institutions, Rick Steiner has created the ultimate nonprofit resource for winning contracts and grant awards.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit startup or a multi-million dollar agency or institution, Doing Good with Other People’s Money is for any organization looking to obtain contracts and grant awards in a competitive environment.

About the Author

Rick Steiner, Ph.D. is a recognized university leader, educator, consultant, author and workshop presenter. He was awarded over $500 million in grants and contracts to make governments, communities, schools, colleges and nations better custodians of their peoples’ futures. He has spent decades working with, consulting and training school, college and university faculty and administrators, local government and nonprofit leadership in the “art and science” of winning grants and contracts from government, corporations and foundations.