Cowboy Wisdom

Cowboy Wisdom
Over 200 Quotes about the Old West
Written by Gerd De Ley

Category: Reference - Quotations; Humor - Form - Anecdotes & Quotations
Format: Hardcover, 112 pages
On Sale Date: December 2018
ISBN: 9781578267842

An inspiring collection of over 200 favorite quotations about the Old West.

From Roy Rogers to Will Rogers, Gene Autry to John Wayne, cowboys have always been a part of America.

Now, Cowboy Wisdom collects over 200 essential quotes from history, myth and culture about the defining era of the Wild West, including humor, wise words, and powerful quotations. Cowboy Wisdom is great for the lover of the cowboy days, western movies, and Americana.

Cowboy Wisdom presents a carefully curated collection of fun, ribald, and classic quotes celebrating the spirit of the days gone by.

About the Author

Gerd de Ley is a former English teacher and is a professional writer. From an early age, Gerd has been an avid collector of quotations and proverbs from all over the world.