Prayers, Inspirations, and Meditations to Heal our World
Written by June Eding

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit - Personal Transformation; Self Help - Motivational; Self Help - Happiness
Format: Trade paperback
On Sale: November 3, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-57826-878-8

Peace stimulates reflection and to inspire discussion at work, at home, and among friends about the meaning of peace--personally, spiritually, and politically.

What is peace? What is its purpose, spiritually, emotionally, and globally? Peace seeks to ground this concept in its cultural contexts and explore it through the thoughts and words of humanity's greatest peacemakers. Peace is the cornerstone of civilization, allowing all nations to grow and thrive while enabling individuals to learn and develop together. There is no goal more desirable, and many great men and women have given their lives in its pursuit. Peace encapsulates their collected wisdom through quotes, prayers, and thoughtful meditations on the subject of unity.

This inspirational title makes a great gift for anyone seeking to bring a sense of harmony to a family member, friend, or special person in their life. An affordable and simple gesture, this encouraging title adds a little meaning to any gift or occasion...and is impossible to resist.

Simple and accessible for all ages, this book is fun to pick up at any spare moment, or read aloud and share with family and friends.

Rich with meaningful advice and quotes, each chapter also features easy ways to promote peace towards those around you. These stories of hope in difficult times will be an inspiration to many.

Words spoken in favor of peace are amongst the most powerful sentiments ever expressed by man. Peace captures and applies this meaning to provide inspiration and practical guidance towards leading a life of unity and harmony. Featuring inspiring quotes, moving prayers, and helpful guidelines Peace provides words of wisdom joined with practical applications.

This approach of joining the abstract and the concrete, the idealistic and the practical, makes Peace a book that is not just about peace; it is itself a tool for the promotion of harmony and unity in our lives, in our selves, and in our world.