I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry
The Art of Apology and The Gift of Forgiveness

Written by June Eding, Edited by Anna Krusinski

Category: Family & Relationships - Interpersonal Relations; Family & Relationships - Conflict Resolution
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: June 26, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-57826-413-1 (1-57826-413-8)

I'm Sorry is an inspirational book designed to provide readers with thoughtful ways to apologize as well as how to bring about forgiveness and reconciliation.

Apology and forgiveness are essential aspects of human interaction. When we have wronged or hurt someone we love, it is important for the health of the relationship that we apologize and forgive.

The delicate balance of apology and forgiveness is one that must be maintained to preserve both our emotional and physical well-being and the spirit of the relationship that connects us. Whether at home or at work, you will discover in these pages powerful actions and strategies to bring about healing.

As it has been said: An apology is a friendship preserver, an antidote for hatred, never a sign of weakness; it costs nothing but one's pride, always saves more than it costs, and is a device needed in every home.

Rich with thought-provoking quotes providing inspiration, I'm Sorry is a wonderful book for friends and family and a great gift idea for those you love.