Thank You

Thank You
101 Ways to Practice Effortless Gratitude

Written by June Eding, Edited by Anna Krusinski

Category: Self-Help - Personal Growth
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: June 19, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-57826-435-3 (1-57826-435-9)

The Perfect Way to Say "Thank You"

There are many people who contribute to our lives directly and indirectly, in small ways and in very large ways. Parents, friends, teachers, employers, co-workers, ministers, neighbors, strangers—the list goes on. Showing gratitude can be a simple small gesture to a stranger who opens a door, holds a train, helps change a flat tire, lends their phone, or shares a smile. Gratitude and thankful gestures can be small ripples that, when added together, become a tidal wave of good will.

Whether a kindness or a courtesy goes unacknowledged for a day or a decade, there is no reason not to give thanks. There is no time limit on a thank you. It's never too late to show your gratitude. Often we may be so preoccupied with our own concerns that we forget to say a simple "thank you," to someone, for whatever reason that may be.

Thank You, a simple yet profound book, provides the perfect way to express your gratitude. Accessible for all ages, Thank You includes inspiring quotes on the importance of being thankful. Inside its pages, you will discover 101 ways to practice effortless gratitude -- thoughtful ideas to share with those people who come into your world. Whether at work, home, or with friends….there is always a good reason to say "thank you."

The perfect gift for any occasion, Thank You is a beautiful way to let someone know how much they are appreciated.