Wisdom of the Bible

Wisdom of the Bible
Inspiration for Everyday Living

Written by Tonia Jenkins

Category: Religion - Bible; Religion - Bible - Quotations
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: August 27, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-57826-454-4 (1-57826-454-5)

In Wisdom of the Bible, Pastor Tonia Jenkins provides an invaluable resource for the time-tested inspirational wisdom of the Bible. An easy-to-hand reference book for all ages, Wisdom of the Bible provides day-to-day insights and hope from the greatest story ever told.  Too often in life, we struggle with uncertainty and anxiety; it is in these times that we can turn to the Scriptures for comfort and guidance. Presented in a clear, elegant format, Wisdom of the Bible draws on the Scriptures to provide words of advice and inspiration on relationships, love, family, and more. Taking as its credo that the best life is one that follows the principles of the Scriptures, Wisdom of the Bible brings these ages-old words of wisdom to life, along with practical advice from Pastor Tonia Jenkins' personal and professional experience.
Pastor Tonia Jenkins is a preacher, teacher, wife, and mother of three children. In addition to her personal and professional responsibilities, Pastor Jenkins has chosen to dedicate her life to helping others to focus on God's intended purpose for their lives. Wisdom of the Bible is the latest step in her efforts to bring God's guidance to those who need it most. These words of wisdom and advice have guided countless lives for centuries; this book directs these perfect words of Scripture to those areas of life where they are needed most: matters of love and family, health and prayer, and even life and death. Providing insight not only into one's personal life, but also offering advice on how best to trust in God's wisdom and let his plan follow its plotted course, Wisdom of the Bible is the book to reach for whenever you need a word of wisdom.

"Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding." --Proverbs 3:13


Tonia Jenkins is a preacher, teacher, wife, and mother of three children. She was born in New York and raised in the Bronx. Tonia graduated from Adalai Stevenson High School and later attended The Metropolitan College of New York and the New York School of The Bible at Calvary Baptist Church. Tonia and her husband, Pastor Darren Jenkins, are currently pastoring the New Hope Love Center Ministry Church, which provides help and hope for those in need. Tonia has chosen to dedicate her life to helping others so that they can focus on God's unique plan of destiny for their lives.