The Need to Say No

The Need to Say No
The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Love, Life, & Your World - How to Be Bullish and Not Bullied
Written by Jill Brooke

Category: Self Help - Self-Esteem; Family & Relationships - Interpersonal Relations; Family & Relationships - Conflict Resolution
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: September 24, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-57826-461-2 (1-57826-461-8)

The Need to Say No is a simple inspirational guide and instructional manual to help the reader gain command of their relationships by setting boundaries. Whether in love, work, family, or the world, the need to say no is imperative at times. And rather than accepting another transgression or being bullied, learning to set healthy boundaries is essential for our health and well-being at home, in the workplace, or the communities in which we live.

The Need to Say No
includes helpful advice on how to say no without fear and without injury to either party. It is an essential book for anyone who has said yes too often or just accepted an unacceptable status quo.

Emile M. Cioran wrote, "Tyranny destroys or strengthens the individual." Indeed if we allow ourselves to accept a fate without setting boundaries through our will and actions, we can be destroyed emotionally, psychologically, and even physically.

Many people have to learn the skills to defend themselves from the inappropriate demands of others, and for that reason The Need to Say No is written. Whether dealing with an abusive love partner, an inappropriate boss, a child that demands everything, a societal condition that needs to stop, or any other kind of bullies, we have the power within ourselves to change the outcomes for the better: to be bullish without being bulldozed. And this better outcome can mean peace at home, success at work, and real change in the world.

The Need to Say No uses the metaphor of a bull to examine the behaviors of bullies and boundary violators and also includes mythological, historical and contemporary bull stories and uses them to identify the 10 bull archetypes of aggressive personalities you often encounter and how to deal effectively with them.

The Need to Say No provides inspiration and guidance in an entertaining and positive way to help us improve our lives through the decision to say no. Rich with quotes, illustrations, anecdotes, examples, tips, and more this book delivers a profound way to reach a positive conclusion: by saying "no."


Jill Brooke is a writer, journalist, stepfamily coach and playwright. She is a contributing writer for, a site that helps women contemplating, navigating or moving on from divorce heal through self-love, smarts and humor. She has been a contributor to CBS' The Early Show and a former on-air CNN correspondent.

Jill's work has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes FYI, Chicago Tribune, Harper's Bazaar and New York Magazine. Jill has also been the editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazines and has written columns for AdWeek, Metropolitan Home as well as such rivals as the New York Post and New York Daily News while miraculously keeping on good terms with both papers. Jill's skill in diplomacy is why she is an expert on divorce, as well as living with her son and two stepdaughters in a loving stepfamily for over a decade. She is the author of Don't Let Death Ruin Your Life and currently writes for Westchester Magazine.