Retirement: Different By Design

Retirement: Different by Design
Six Building Blocks Fundamentally Changing How Life After Work is Viewed, Planned For, and Lived
Written by Rick Steiner Ph.D.

Category: Self-Help - Self-Management; Business & Economics - Personal Finance - Retirement Planning
Format: Trade Paperback, 288 pages
On Sale Date: May 26, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-57826-556-5

Transforming Retirement One Building Block at a Time

Retirement is more than the absence of work—it’s a different way of life requiring new vision, new purpose, and new life perspectives. You see, retirement is too important to leave to luck or circumstance; we have to plan and make them happen—our way.

Retirement: Different By Design, your bridge to the “other side of work,” presents two dynamic and innovative templates for moving seamlessly into retirement and beyond—“Retirement’s Ages and Stages” and “Retirement’s Six Fundamental Building Blocks.” Providing practical strategies and answers, not more questions, each chapter delivers insights, tools, narratives, and models for making retirement the best years of the rest of our lives. And, it’s not always about the money.

Indeed, we all can live socially rich, emotionally balanced, intellectually nourishing, healthful, and physically active retirements no matter the size of our bank accounts—this is the new retirement reality that Retirement: Different By Design offers the soon-to-be and the already retired.

• Physical and Emotional Health and Well-Being
• Financial Security and Continuity
• Life Transition and Acceptance
• Intergenerational Life Engagement
• Intellectual and Physical Pursuits, Interests, and Activities
• Spirituality, Meaning, Family, and Legacy


Rick Steiner, Ph.D. is a recognized university leader, organizational and management expert, consultant, and author. He has worked with US and foreign governments, foundations, and corporations to make communities and nations better custodians of their peoples’ futures. A recovering workaholic, Dr. Rick is now retired and keeping himself happily occupied by working as a professional ski instructor, writing, consulting, sailing, riding his bicycle, and always seeking his next adventure; and, most of all, enjoying the ride wherever it takes him.