White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing
One Man's Journey from the Office to the Ring

Written by John E. Oden

Category: Sports & Recreation - Boxing
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: October 6, 2005
ISBN: 978-1-57826-207-6 (1-57826-207-0)

Fists, fury and the sweet science of white collar boxing.

From elite boarding schools to executive boardrooms, white collar boxing has never been more popular. With its roots in the English aristocracy, the "Sweet Science" is gaining fans among the alpha males (and females) of industry, banking, finance, and law.

Now white collar boxer John Oden traces the history of the sport from organized bouts at English boarding schools in the 19th Century to today's brawls between stockbrokers and bankers. Along the way he details his own transformation from a milquetoast investment banker to "The Pecos Kid," one of the most fearsome white collar boxers in New York.

Boxing legends Gerry Cooney and trainer Emanuel Steward, among others, have enthusiastically embraced white collar boxing. At the intersection of professional and amateur boxing, it has inspired men and women from many different walks of life to participate in the ancient sport.

Each month, bouts are scheduled in the glistening hubs of finance from London to New York—black-tie charity events where some of the world's most powerful businesspeople battle each other into submission. White Collar Boxing is a compelling look at one man's odyssey through this growing phenomenon.


John Oden has competed in over 20 bouts in the 13 years he has been boxing. A principal in money management sales at Bernstein Investment Research & Management in New York, he works with the legendary trainer Emanuel Steward and spars with the former heavyweight contender, Gerry Cooney. Born in Pecos, Texas, he now lives in New York City.