Answering Your Questions about Heart Disease and Sex

Answering Your Questions about Heart Disease and Sex
Written by Eduardo Chapunoff, M.D., Foreword by Arnold A. Lazarus, Ph.D.

Category: Medical - Cardiology; Health & Fitness - Sexuality; Health & Fitness
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: October 23, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-57826-255-7 (1-57826-255-0)


Answers for the questions that cardiac patients are too embarrassed to ask.

Over 59 million Americans have heart disease, and they're concerned as to how this will impact their sex lives. Answering Your Questions about Heart Disease and Sex takes the mystery out of heart disease, answering sex-related questions that a patient may be too embarrassed to ask in person. Immediately opening a practical, candid, and informative dialogue with its readers, this book engages this long-neglected subject with enthusiasm.

Eduardo Chapunoff, M.D., examines the question of heart disease and sex from every angle, both medical and personal. Directing his guidance on maintaining intimacy to both heart patients and their partners, this informative and educational book answers even the most personal sexual questions. Some of the chapters include:

·Back to Bed: Rush Versus Procrastination
·Sexual Function and Sexual Behavior: Two Different Issues
·Cardiovascular Disease and Sex: The Risks
·Practical Tips on Commonly Used Cardiac Drugs
·Reversing Coronary Artery Disease: Nutrition, Sex, and Fries

Timely, thoroughly researched, and highly relevant, this guide answers the difficult questions about health, love, and sex that many of us are afraid to ask.


Eduardo Chapunoff, M.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Cardiovascular Disease, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Cardiology, and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Currently in private practice, he is the author of Sex and the Cardiac Patient and its Spanish version, El Sexo y el Pacinete Cardiaco.