Am I a Normal Parent?

Am I a Normal Parent?
Expert Advice, Parenting Tips, and the Reassurance You've Been Looking For
Written by Sara Dimerman, Foreword by Nanny Deb Carroll

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June 24, 2008
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Your guide to the stresses, fears, and anxieties NORMAL to parenting.

Am I a Normal Parent? features a powerful self-assessment quiz that will quickly help you understand what is wrong (and right) in your parenting style. Just by answering 50 easy-to-complete, highly revealing questions, you will know if what you are thinking, doing, and feeling as a parent is normal...or not. And what can be done about it.

Children, while often angelic and sweet, can be challenging as well. You can feel overwhelmed by your children's behavior, and ask yourself:

  • Are my responses and actions correct?
  • Is it normal to be so uncertain that what I am doing is correct?
  • Do other parents feel unsure of how to handle certain situations with their children as well?

This book addresses your needs and concerns as a parent. Created by parenting expert Sara Dimerman, Am I A Normal Parent? reveals the behaviors, questions, and problems that you face on a daily basis and addresses the insecurities and fears common to parents world-wide.

Every parent faces questions and uncertainties when it comes to raising children. There are no absolutes, and in the face of the profound responsibility of being a parent in this day and age, it can be very stressful to have self-doubt.
Rest assured: you are not alone. All parents question their actions and often feel insecure about their choices. In addition, there are numerous questions that parents are often afraid to ask:

  • "Is it okay to get angry when my toddler doesn't listen?"
  • "Is it okay to get jealous when my child monopolizes my spouse's time?"
  • "Is it normal to wonder if I am being judged by my peers?"
  • "Who defines normal, anyway?"

Am I a Normal Parent? tackles such questions head on. By addressing common concerns, Sara Dimerman encourages you to rethink interpretations of societal norms in a positive and constructive way.

Am I a Normal Parent? encourages you in a warm and friendly manner to work harder to define yourself, and lead by example so that parenting, while still a challenge, is reflective of your own values.

Recommended reading for parents everywhere.


SARA DIMERMAN, Dip.C.S., C. Psych. Assoc., is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario in Canada. She established the Parent Education Resource Centre to provide counseling services to children, couples and families.

An established expert on parenting, Sara is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television throughout North America. Sara and her family live just north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Visit her at