Building Resilient Teams

Building Resilient Teams
How to Transform Your Workplace, Your Community and Your World
Written by Brian D. Molitor

Category: Business & Economics - Organizational Development; Business & Economics - Personal Success; Self-Help - Personal Growth - Success
Format: Trade Paperback Original, 272 pages
On Sale Date: April 25, 2023
ISBN: 9781578269402

Proven Strategies for Team Success

Resiliency, motivation and clear communication are critical for any business to thrive, yet all too often are neglected. The impact of a negative or under-productive workplace on both the team and the individual cannot be overstated, and finding effective, easy-to-implement solutions to these issues can be the difference between success and failure.Building Resilient Teams provides simple, actionable steps to develop better workplace and community habits. Offering practical, proven ways to build excellence and resiliency into your team—whether you are part of an innovative startup company or an existing organization that has been around for decades—Building Resilient Teams offers step-by-step instructions on how to elevate any organization to newfound levels of adaptability and success.From small businesses with a dozen employees to large corporations with thousands of workers, Building Resilient Teams provides universally applicable steps for developing synergy and boosting productivity.About the AuthorBrian D. Molitor is Chief Executive Officer of Molitor International, an award-winning company with over thirty-five years of experience  providing  consulting, training, and coaching services worldwide. His company has helped hundreds of organizations transform their cultures, including those in healthcare, business, government, education, and nonprofits. National and international audiences recognize Brian as an expert who cuts through the theories of the day and communicates the practical application of foundational principles necessary for organizational and personal success. He currently lives in Midland, Michigan.Praise for Building Resilient Teams“You would do well to embrace the many truths of this book on how being resilient leads to making a significant impact.” —Gene Pickelman, President and CEO, Tri-Star Trust Bank“...broad with relatable real-life examples of both business and everyday life matters.” —Raymond K. Stephens, Employee and Labor Relations Consultant, Dow“Very accessible and easy to understand, the stories and case studies bring the points home powerfully and in tangible ways.” —So-Young Kang, Founder and Chief Energizer, Gnowbe, Singapore“...skillfully and refreshingly guides the reader in the “how-to’s” of designing, building, and sustaining mission-minded, values-driven and mutually caring work environments today.” —John “Barney” Barnes, Commander US Navy“ this century’s handbook for people who sincerely want to make a positive difference in their lives, their workplace, their community, and the world.” —Rhonda Sciortino, Chairperson of Successful Survivors Foundation