Lebanese Cuisine, New Edition

Lebanese Cuisine, New Edition
More than 185 Simple, Delicious, Authentic Recipes
Written by Madelain Farah and Leila Habib-Kirske

Category: Cooking - Regional & Ethnic - Middle Eastern; Cooking - Comfort Food; Cooking - Courses & Dishes
Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
On Sale Date: 12/26/2023
ISBN: 9781578269495

This new edition of the beloved classic Lebanese Cuisine brings easy, authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking to a new audience with over 185 traditional and modern recipes and full-color photography throughout.

Truly authentic Lebanese cooking is an experience. With nuanced flavors, unique ingredients and a wide variety of recipes to try, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Lebanese Cuisine includes such Middle Eastern delicacies as:
-Traditional Homemade Hummus
-Flavorful Falafel
-Supreme Lamb Stew with Kibbi
-Baked Chicken
-Delicious Baked Fish with Tahini Sauce
-Sweet Baklava
-Farina Squares
-Spiced Rice Pudding
-Kibbi in Yogurt Sauce
-Stuffed Eggplant Supreme
-Grilled Kafta

Complete with a glossary of Arabic terms and suggested menus, Lebanese Cuisine will be a welcome addition to every cook's library.

Leila Habib-Kirske's mother Madelain Farah wrote the original edition of Lebanese Cuisine as a means to memorialize the classic recipes from her mother. Now in its new edition, Leila continues the family tradition adding her own recipes and updating her mother's and grandmother's in this one-of-a-kind collection.

About the Authors

Leila Habib-Kirske has long been passionate about her Lebanese background and sharing her love of Lebanese cuisine with a broader audience. She grew up in the kitchen of her mother and grandmother from who she learned Lebanese and Moroccan cooking using traditional methods. She currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Madelain Farah wrote the original edition of Lebanese Cuisine in 1972 to memorialize the recipes her mother had passed down and share these unique creations with the world.