Go Multisport

Go Multisport
Add Fun, Challenge & Exploration to Your World
Written by Jennifer Strong McConachie

Category: Sports & Recreation - Extreme Sports; Sports & Recreation - Outdoor Skills; Self-Help - Motivational & Inspirational
Format: Trade Paperback, 176 pages
On Sale Date: 01/30/2024
ISBN: 9781578269921

Are you ready to Go Multisport? The all-in-one resource and first handbook for multisport athletes with an introduction to the field of multisport and a look at how it came to be and what's next for the sport.

Multisport is the new frontier for extreme and endurance sports. From its humble beginnings in triathlon, multisport has grown to become the most varied, exciting and rewarding way to get outdoors, get active and get physically fit.

Go Multisport combines Jennifer Strong McConachie’s storied history in endurance sports with a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of multisport — how it came to be, today’s most popular multisport categories, and a look at what’s to come — along with anecdotes and insights from her own experiences.

You can run, you can paddle, you can SUP (stand up paddleboard), you can swim, you can ski, you can climb, you can train, and you can bike. But how can you combine them all together? For ultra-like distances and days at a time? How about climbing, hiking, and packrafting all in one day?

Go Multisport then takes things one step further, providing an all-in-one resource to help you create your own multisport, perfectly tailored to your wants and needs that will help any weekend warrior or endurance athlete put the spark back in their sport!

Perfect for those who are seeking to do more--more challenge, more fun--this book provides a history, background, and empowering how-to. You will learn how to walk the edge of a radical new discipline. Also includes gear lists, sample race challenges, training secrets and more.

If you want more from your sport — longer distances, higher heights, more weight, more challenge, more fun — look no further. Don’t just go hard, go multisport!

About the Author

Jennifer Strong McConachie is an ultrarunner, mountaineer, marathon swimmer, distance paddler, and multisport athlete. An Outward Bound graduate, she is also a Fellow in the Royal Geographical Society and member of The Explorers Club. She trains for mountain ascents around the world, including several of the Seven Summits. Jennifer has several certifications in fitness teaching including from the American Council on Exercise. As a professional speaker, presenter and trainer, she leads groups and workshops on business goal setting and leadership. Jennifer previously wrote Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life.

Praise for Go Multisport

"If it feels like an adventure to you, then it is an adventure! Multisport gives you the freedom to interpret adventure in the way that works for you." —Alastair Humphreys, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

"Jennifer has done an incredible job providing us all with a clear and concise picture of how important and powerful adventure can be in all of our lives." —Ray Zahab, Arctic world record holder & author of Running for My Life

"Go Multisport offers fun, inspirational advice for adding spice to our exercise, training, adventures, and life." —Roman Dial, author of Packrafting! and national bestseller The Adventurer’s Son