Cat & Dog Lovers Bundle

The Cat Lover's Quotation Book: A Collection of Feline Favorites
The Dog Lover's Quotation Book: In Celebration of Our Best Friend

Category: Reference - Quotations; Pets - Animals; Humor - Form - Anecdotes & Quotations
Formats: Hardcover, 96 pages
ISBN (Cat Lover's): 978-1-57826-623-4
ISBN (Dog Lover's): 978-1-57826-624-1

Are you a cat person AND a dog person? Do you just love cute animals? Are pets the greatest things ever? Then this bundle is for you!

The Cat Lover's Quotation Book and The Dog Lover's Quotation Book contain nearly 200 quotes each about the joys and tribulations of loving these four-footed creatures.

Sharing your life with an animal, experiencing their unconditional love and trust, is one of the most calming and personally fulfilling things a person can do. Both books collect the numerous lessons we can learn from pet ownership and puts them all in one place—in an attractive volume that fits in your pocket!

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